Specialty Practice Areas

StrategIC PLanning & Business Development


Are you conflicted about which direction to go or need to gain more traction quickly? Let us help create the plan to achieve your goals. Capabilities include:

  • Alignment review & assessment

  • Market analysis

  • Ideation & refinement

  • Alternatives exploration

  • Formulation & implementation

Fundraising, Revenue and Impact Optimization

Experiencing challenges in finding new revenue streams and maximizing your returns? Apply our know-how:

  • New revenue, market & channel stream development

  • Event creation & sponsorship creation

  • Product, program, partnership development

  • Pricing & analysis (Pricing, ROI, ROR)

  • Sales strategy & process

  • Fundraising donor acquisition & engagement

Digital/SaaS Technology Transformation

Seeking insight into which combination of tools to use or how to implement with strong adoption and effectiveness? We’re proficient with:

  • Web strategy facilitation – SaaS platforms & models, migration, UI/UX, content, integration, monetization

  • E-commerce/E-donation & E-ticketing enablement

  • Customer & member/donor relationship management platforms (CRM, Martech)

  • Content management/publishing systems (CMS)

  • Email & database marketing solutions

Business and Operational Models

Are your customers’ needs changing? Do you have an opportunity to play in a new space? Task us to frame and till the landscape:

  • Current state assessment

  • Analysis/requirements

  • Design/development

  • Execution

Traditional and Digital Marketing

Aspiring to be remarkable in your market? Trying to cultivate meaningful engagement? We’ll enrich your:

  • Brand strategy & building

  • Digital marketing

  • Content marketing & storytelling strategy

  • Marketing strategy

  • Audience/donor/customer development & engagement